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Team Fortress 2 – Ubersaw Medic

If anyone has been playing Team Fortress 2, you should now know about the Ubersaw! I’ve actually started playing TF2 again. I haven’t been playing in ages. The Gold Rush update is awesome. Not to mention the new Uber Medic items! There are 36 achievements that are required for you to get the Uber Saw.

Well here are the items you can get:

The Blutsauger: Life leach your opponents with this new gun! You need 1/3 of your achievements for this one. 12 achievements.

The Crtitzcrieg: Increase critical shots to 100% on the person you’re using it on. You need 2/3 of your achievements completed for this one. 24 achievements

The Ubersaw: Melee damage with the Ubersaw goes directly towards your uber meter. You will need all 36 achievements for this one!

Check out this awesome clip with 2 ubersaw medics. They call this the uber medic chain.

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