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Let’s move on with the Tech Stuff, UMPC Gallore!

If you are a major fan of Geek stuff like me, You MUST know about UMPCs (Ultra-Mobile PCs), especially the ones from Japan. But I guess I’ll have to start from the basics. We will talk about UMPCs for today’s post.

I’ve been a true geek badass since the day i was born: See Picture Above

These ultra light notebooks are every tech geek’s dream. You can access these puppies and carry them anywhere, to and from school, under your desk to watch **** at work, to and from every damn airplane ride you ever had to ride on as a tech geek, and even during someone’s tech geek speech. I’m actually blogging on a UMPC right at this moment!

You can access your email and internet websites, if there’s a wireless hot spot, or you can use one of those Sprint Aircards, to access the internet anywhere around the world. Or, download those movies that you do LEGALLY (sure), and watch them anytime, anywhere, and anyplace!. Of course until your battery runs out, or if you’re near a power outlet, tap into someone else’s electricity bill besides your own!

If you’re dealing with mission critical p**n, or mission critical work, these are the perfect gadgets to use. Ask your company to buy you one. Tell them you need one bad!. It’s deductible! (Note: I am not licensed to be an accountant, so please ask your nearest H&R Block for more information about tax deductions and such).

Where do these geeks FIND THESE COOL Gadgets!? (NOTE: GADGET IS NOT THE BABY ABOVE!)

Like the OQO:
From Dynamism

and we all know the SONY VAIOs:
From Dynamism.com

After looking at the watermark on the pictures. You may have already guessed the correct answer by now.

Try Import Sites that specifically Deal with the importing of Japanese and Asian Gadgets!
Such as: Dynamism or Conics

This is a great start. You have become a semi nerd just by reading my first post. There’s no turning back now… It is already burned into your memory. UMPC UMPC UMPC UMPC UMPC UMPC UMPC UMPC UMPC UMPC UMPC UMPC UMPC UMPC UMPC UMPC UMPC UMPC ROFLCOPTER.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next post.

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